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Vivek Gaurav

Vivek Gaurav, is not an Author. He is a first-time Author. More than that, he is an Author-by-accident. His passion for expressing himself on Social Media platforms through his own & original witty one-liners and quotes, inspired him to write this book. Professionally, he is a corporate-cubicle dweller having spent around 14 years in various industries like Paints, Oralcare, Health & Beauty and Food. His areas of expertise are Supply Chain and its various elements like S&OP, Manufacturing, Logistics & Planning. He is an Industry-thought leader and is regularly visible on many Panel Discussions at various industry events. His interviews got featured in various prestigious publications in the areas of Business and Supply Chain Transformation.

He continues to stay a true Food enthusiast, at heart, and runs his own Food Blog called ‘’ on Facebook and Instagram.

Life Is a Wordplay. Go. Win.

Life Is a Wordplay. Go. Win.