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The Book

“The Good News is I Have, sort of, Understood
How Life Works

And The Bad News is I have, sort of, Understood
How Life Works!”

I consider this as one of my most defining Quotes about the magical phenomenon called Life. And this very thought became a big reason behind penning down this book.

The book is a collection of my original quotes, punchlines and one-liners, wherein I play around with words to bring out witty, yet deep insights into how various elements of life work.

The book begins its rollercoaster ride with quotes around Life, Philosophy and Experiences. As soon as the progression begins to sound logical by moving into Behaviour and Beliefs, it suddenly takes a sharp hairpin turn into the world of Food, Fitness & Health. It, then, comes back to track and takes you to Self-Improvement & Motivation.

As soon as you come out of this, you straightaway land yourself into Society & City-life, followed by Work-life & Office. It finally reaches Family & Married Life, via Technology and some fun around Change and Betterment.

I hope you have a Wonderful Journey!



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Life Is a Wordplay. Go. Win.

Life Is a Wordplay. Go. Win.