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Vinayak Patil

Life is a word Play.. Go. Win by @vivekgaurav


While reading this book I have found a witty, sarcastic, humble and positive person who is looking this world with his own eyes keeping wide open. Who has developed his sense and logic also collected wisdom.

He is spreading beauty, Humour, intelligence in every written phrase still believing and asking “Let English language not mislead us” (like on page 48)

Here most of the quotes are thoughtful and thought provoking.

This roller coaster ride of 218 pages will take you somewhere on lighter mode but with witty sense.

Which you can read in one sitting and you can keep this with you on your office table, coffee table to pursue more joy.

My resolution to read 100 book every year is (though I hardly read 20-30 average) been started with this positive note.

Thank you sir – Thank you for being intellectual, visionary and mostly keeping own


Keep writing!

Love and respect,

Hemantkumar Jain

The book is full of Vivek’s witty one-liners which will make you think in paragraphs and chapters.
The seemingly harmless one-liners will bring a smile to your face and amuse you. Then something will strike you and the train of thoughts will begin chugging along your own memory lanes charting out new paths and discovering old forgotten and hidden paths.
A must read. A ‘mast’ read.
I would highly recommend it to anyone
And yes, it is very quick read. it will get over before you know it and leave you yearning for more.

Rohan Shah SK logistics

Sir.. Good Morning.. Yes read the entire book.. surely had a smile reading the one liners.. a lot of thought would have gone behind each one and all of them were not the common ones that we hear..

Vivekji I can surely say it is one of the unusual books I have read so far.. it’s a quick read.. am still trying to figure out how can I use it in a normal day..

Also I am sure you are going to be writing more. I would love to know more about your experiences and learning on the food business.

Gagan Bhardwaj

Very different kind of book. Before it came I thought will be a book like chapters. But when it take was surprisingly different. And knowing you and your love for puns and one liners, it is something I would have expected from you. Great Read. Light, funny and witty. Can start from any page and read. Or read back. Good stuff man. Keep it up.

Manjeshkar Koka

I’ve known Vivek for nearly 12 years now and he always has his own, simple thought process and clarity which is very different from the regular herd mentality followed by all. So I knew at the outset, his book will be a very interesting read and help us all in many ways. As expected, this book is a wonderfully captured collection of very valuable secrets for all of us to lead a better life. Without any doubt it will be among my permanent collection of books. Though it easily tempts us to read it at one go, I strongly recommend we read it slowly – 1 or 2 quotes a day – to actually absorb the deep message within each quote and apply it in our lives. And I am sure, it will be one of those books which we will like to refer again and again in our lifetime especially during tough or low situations to find some clarity or solution or thought guidance – and I am sure it will never disappoint us in this endeavor. Without any second thought, this is a must read for all, irrespective of age or gender.

Aman Kansal

Life is a is a wonderful collection of humorous and motivational quotes.. great effort Vivek.. this book gives you a way to live life with simplicity and without much expections and make the whole journey worth remembering.. expecting many more in future 👍👍



Life Is a Wordplay. Go. Win.

Life Is a Wordplay. Go. Win.